3 Home Staging Mistakes To Avoid

Dated: 03/16/2018

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3 Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid

According to the latest statistics, a home that is staged sells 73% quicker. And for nearly 20% more money than a non-staged home.
In fact, it’s been said that for every $100 a homeowner spends on staging, he will typically see a $250-400 return on that investment on the sale of the home – definitely worthwhile.
Many homeowners try their own hand at staging. If you’re interested in staging your own home, you’ll want to avoid these staging mistakes:
1. Too much furniture & too much clutter. Take a look at the picture above. Think about a recent model home you toured. What is it that makes those spaces stand out? One thing is that the furniture is well placed, creating conversation areas in the living spaces. Another is there is no clutter. When staging, take a hard look at your rooms. Remove furniture you don’t need. Remember: the less furniture in the room, the larger the room will appear.

2. Dark Rooms.  Cheery and bright homes sell.  Try adding additional light fixtures, whether table or floor lamps.  Open up the curtains and blinds and let the light pour in.  Additionally, avoid dark colors on walls.  While professional designers can make dark-colored walls work, the average homeowner typically does not.  

3. Personal photos. While your family portraits are special to you, buyers find them distracting. Believe it or not, too many personal photos and memorabilia can actually make it difficult for buyers to imagine themselves living in your house. So before your home goes on the market, add dollars to your bottom line and put your personal effects in storage.
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Jodi DiMaio

Originally from Long Island, NY, Jodi moved from Las Vegas to Myrtle Beach with over 20 years experience in new home construction. Jodi received a Bachelors degree in English and a Masters of Busines....

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